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Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.”

– Rand Fishkin

How Can We Help You?

Calvys Business Solutions, a digital marketing agency based in Kochi, Kerala consists of a group of experienced, talented and creative people. As a result we are capable of delivering high performing digital marketing strategies that will propel and steer your business to transcend to the top.

Being one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Kerala we are attentive in picking the right digital marketing strategies that will benefit your business and moreover help you get the ROAS. Our team of growth hackers will take your business to the next level with carefully planned growth tactics.

Our Services

PPC Marketing

We know how to construct and execute a highly converting ad let it be of any type. We continuously track and analyse every ad campaign to make sure that they are running profitably and bringing good ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

We are experienced in creating effective SEO strategies that are guaranteed to bring results in the form of organic traffic and leads for your business.

Email Marketing

Calvys Digital Marketing team can help you create accurately personalized mails that contain value to the readers.

Social Media Marketing

We have a highly talented and experienced social media team with expertise in planning creative social media strategies and campaigns that can help your business get more followers who can turn into customers.

Reputation Management

We have a dedicated online reputation management team who will be constantly monitoring your social media posts, reviews about your brand or any mention of your brand name online.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing team along with our social media experts makes sure that the informative content made for your business reaches the maximum number of audience thereby increasing your brand awareness and followers.

Why should you implement Digital Marketing ?

Increase Brand Awareness

Higher Revenue​

Measurable Results

Cost Effectiveness


Digital Marketing can be classified into 5 main categories which are: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing, Search Engine marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. 

The fact is that when done correctly digital marketing will help both these industries. With the help of a good digital marketing agency you will be able to chart the right campaigns depending on your industry and target audience and can reap benefits.

Yes, one of the greatest advantage of digital marketing campaigns is that there are trackable and measurable.

Digital marketing campaigns are highly targeted, measurable and generally cost effective when compared to traditional marketing methods. 

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